As a promotions agency, Jam Industries is focused on delivering exceptional brand experiences for our clients.

Experience, tactical and event promotions. 

Jam Industries delivers direct and experience marketing, building solid reputations for our clients in a competitive market. For these clients we provide market research, strategic campaign design and marketing rollouts, as well as review and analysis.

Over the past two years we have really become market leaders in promotions for the East Midlands. Our capabilities and approach to doing business are truly unique. Covering many different industries, including: digital TV, telecoms, financial services and even charities.

Our systems and processes are unique, effective and very simple; the best kind we believe. Simplicity, transparency and working with great people are the common themes of Jam Industries.


Why do our clients keep asking for more? 

Can you remember the last billboard you saw, or the last TV ad you watched? No?

How about the last conversation you had? Of course.

Every company wants new customers. A direct approach is an extremely effective promotional tool and we believe that conversation is the most important ingredient in building successful, lasting relationships between customer and client to create a brand affiliate.

We differentiate ourselves from others mainly by our high standards of service. Working with us will take your brand to the next level.

Over the past two years we have achieved success after success. Our results continue to speak for themselves. In 2014 we are on track to have a record breaking year.

We only work with the top Brand Ambassadors handpicked from hundreds of CVs. We have created a culture of opportunity at Jam and so attract a forward thinking, driven and competitive individual. Therefore our team exceeds expectations.

We now span cities throughout the UK, therefore the scale of our impact is massive. We are able to reach 20000 customers a day with our teams. We have build great relationships with leading stores and retail environments to position our clients perfectly.


In-store demonstrations, trade shows, exhibitions, supermarkets and retail environments. 

We connect with customers via a range of pop-up events, which provide a fantastic platform from which we are able to reach a wide demographic and promote individual brand identity.