Jam Industries is an independent promotions agency based in Nottingham.

But why Nottingham? Well, with the development of the new enterprise zone well underway, as well as various investments and cash injections, business opportunities in Nottingham are actually on the rise. By now we’re all grimly familiar with the ‘current climate’ cliché, but encouragingly, this doesn’t seem to have stopped determined entrepreneurs in the East Midlands driving their businesses forward against the odds. This is great news for Jam Industries, and also for budding business bods looking for an opportunity in the city.

Marketing is the business of getting companies more customers. There will never be a time when companies don’t want customers.  We wanted to build a business that could grow with the goals of our clients.

The company is only as good as the people in it so we value the people we work with and we’re committed to educating our team and encouraging self-development every day. We provide an ever-expanding network of coaches who are experts in people management. We also provide the opportunity to receive advice in the field of sales and marketing, leadership, public speaking and confidence building, because both professional and personal development is at the centre of what we do.

Our success has propelled us into new markets, and we’re now training experts from scratch to help us take on new opportunities with our clients.

The way we work at Jam Industries is guided by a distinct set of highly valued behaviours and habits.  These values represent the way we do business and are a crucial part of how we operate. Together, they make up our constitution for how we approach business, and how we treat each other and our clients. It is what we are most proud of.


Integrity above all 

Make the right choice not the easy one, no matter what.

We decide what is best in the long term, not what is easiest.

Accountability: we achieve what we set out to do.

Every fibre of the company is an example of our values.


High standard of service

We exist to serve and support our clients. This is our sole purpose.

Exhibiting professionalism at every opportunity

A constant supply of profitable customer acquisitions.

Accurate research and timely reporting and billing.

Because we are an independent agency we have flexibility in our operations.

Our example of excellence and attention to detail will elevate their own standards, and we are responsible for setting the bar high.


Our obvious team environment

We realize that in working together, we get the right things done more efficiently.

In all interactions, we first seek to understand the other person’s perspective and are open-minded to their suggestions and input.

Every person will be treated with dignity and respect.

Constant day to day feedback.


To find out more about Jam’s Director, Jill Megarry CLICK HERE!