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What does Jam Industries do?

Jam Industries are an Independent Promotions agency that specialise in Event pop-up, experiential and tactical field marketing. Our clients benefit from our professionalism and creativity. We work on their behalf to institute immediate, widespread and fun sales and marketing campaigns though brand ambassadors and brand experiences.

They pay us only for the results generated. We can easily and effectively reach and influence our clients’ target market through focused promotion campaigns depending on demographics and geographic.


Who are some of Jam Industries  clients?

We have long-standing relationships with major Fortune 500 companies in telecommunications, charities and digital entertainment. We concentrate our unique abilities in the delivery of services, rather than products. We protect our client confidentiality and tend not to provide our client list to the public. We would like to be known for our impact and the work we have done and not take our credit from our clients.


What is a Jam Industries sample pot? 

Our sample pot is a trial period that lasts from two to ten weeks, allowing our clients to measure the effectiveness of a potential campaign and see if the relationship fits. Jam work with clients to develop a custom program in test markets (see Sample Pots).


Where does Jam Industries do business?

Jam is currently located in the in UK – enabling us to quickly implement a campaign anywhere throughout Europe.


What is in store for Jam Industries in the future? 

We have goals to go work with 6 more clients this year branching out to 10 cities thoughout the UK.