Jam Industries is an independent promotions agency based in Nottingham. Jam was born in April 2012, and Managing Director, Jill Megarry, has been lovingly nurturing it ever since. Jill comes from an entrepreneurial background in events, festivals and exhibitions and has had a rollicking good time building her company from scratch with a little help from the top people in the biz.

But why Nottingham? Well, with the development of the shiny new enterprise zone well underway, as well as various investments and cash injections, business opportunities in Nottingham are actually on the rise. By now we’re all grimly familiar with the ‘current climate’ cliché, but encouragingly, this doesn’t seem to have stopped determined entrepreneurs in the East Midlands driving their businesses forward against the odds. This is great news for Jam Industries, and also for budding business bods looking for an opportunity in the city.

We value the people we work with and we’re committed to educating our team and encouraging self-development every day. We provide an ever-expanding network of coaches who are experts in people management. We also provide the opportunity to receive advice in the field of sales and marketing, leadership, public speaking and confidence building, because both professional and personal development is at the centre of what we do.

Our recent success has propelled us into new markets, and we’re now training experts from scratch to help us take on opportunities with new clients in Europe and North America. Growing into new markets can be an exciting prospect, but inevitably, there will be many challenges along the way. We’ve found that the following areas of business have been vital ingredients to success:

Financial support… The most obvious challenge in establishing a company is having the finances to get it off the ground, and to keep it there. Many new businesses don’t even make a profit in their first year.

Client… Never underestimate the importance of having a great client to work with. Developing a professional relationship with a reputable client can raise profiles, help to expand your business and put your company on the map.

Office space… A great office can change the atmosphere of the environment you work in, increasing productivity, professionalism and reputation.

Business acumen… Having a network of experts on hand to provide friendly advice and support is a fantastic source of information. After all, if the secrets to success are at your fingertips, why not take advantage?

Luckily, all of this is our thing, and we’re committed to helping aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to business success.

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